Unlimited 25

  • Unlimited 25
  • 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • 20GB priority data at up to 25Mbps
  • Beyond 20GB, download speed reduces to 5Mbps
  • Beyond 30GB, download speed reduces to 1Mbps
  • During the Free Night Zone (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.), consumed data does not count towards priority data, and users can download at full speed
  • Plan valid for a calendar month
  • Data allowance in Gigabytes (GB) applies to both upload and download
  • All speeds are up to speeds
Unlimited 25: Internet plan, up to speed of 25 Mbps on the download and 3 Mbps on the upload, 20GB on priority speed



Equipment prices may vary depending on your location. This is the price for the standard equipment kit including a 74cm satellite dish, the modem and a 1W BUC-Radio.

WE Konnect CPE: 74cm satellite dish + modem + BUC-radio (wifi access point not included)



Installation price may vary according to your location and installation requirements. Once the order is placed, our Sales Team will contact you and confirm installation fees.  

installation fees starting from N35,000


Options for Businesses

Our options for professionals make it easier to use satellite Internet for businesses, whether you're connecting your business or simply using your package to work from home.

Public IP - Facilitates VPN and remote software access

Subscribe to the IP option and you'll be allocated a fixed IP address which allows you to access your business network remotely by using remote office applications or a VPN.
Yearly fee. 

Public IP - N2,000 per month


SIP Priorisation - Prioritises VoIP traffic to promote call quality

Subscribe to our SIP priorisation option to make and receive high quality VoIP calls as they are prioritised over other Internet use.
Yearly fee. 

SIP Konnect