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Satellite Broadband Internet Nigeria Konnect Nigeria Eutelsat Ka-Band Nigeria high speed Internet Nigeria best ISP Nigeria
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At, we design and deploy IT solutions tailored to meet your enterprise's requirements. Your connectivity is your backbone for everything, from e-mail communications to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications, inter-company communication, critical data backup, data centre transfers and most importantly your infrastructure efficiency.


We offer IT solutions for all requirements: dedicated fibre link, point to point wireless radio link, satellite link, Microsoft 365, cyber security, maritime communication and entertainment, satellite phone, VPN, SDWANVoIP
We are truly “THE” one stop shop for business IT solutions fully backed by our dedicated Enterprise Customer Care department.
We are putting our knowledge and expertise at your service. united for our customers - Connecting Nigeria

For over 20 years, has been committed to changing people’s perception of internet connectivity. At, we secure your devices and networks, increase your productivity with the right tools, and securely connect you to the world, anywhere you are in Nigeria.

This mission starts with the people we hire. Each career opening at is an opportunity for personal growth, career development, and most importantly, making a difference towards building a better internet for Nigeria and Africa.

Whether you contribute by laying fibre, installing links, or assisting clients on the phone, you’re part of a company that is committed to the power of good.

Join our incredible community of Internet revolutionaries re-thinking, re-imagining, and re-shaping the future of the Internet.

Dedicated and Shared Internet Access
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