Unless otherwise specified, this code of practice applies to all Internet services accessed by a customer in Nigeria, provided by Radical Technology Network Ltd through its infrastructure. This code has been developed according to the Nigerian Communications Commission (herein referred to as the NCC) established General Code of Practice.


1.2. Objectives of code of practice:
This Code of Practice: 

  • Describes the services we provide to our customers.
  • Explains how to contact us about these services and how Customer can pay Customer bills.
  • Explains the customer’s rights and obligations.
  • Describes what to do if Customer has a complaint, how it will be resolved and steps Customer can take if Customer is not satisfied with our resolution and/or response.


Radical Technology Network Ltd may amend this Consumer Code from time to time in compliance and conformity to set guidelines that may be required by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or by the NCC.




2.1 Service Contract
Prior to activating the service, every customer will be expected to sign a service contract (SLA).  This service contract will detail the full description, price and terms and conditions for the service(s) (TOS) in clear and plain language, avoiding unnecessary technical terms. Where other services are required in order to effectively utilize the service, the Customer shall be sufficiently informed of such requirements or service dependencies.
The service contract will also contain information on the service quality levels offered and the waiting time for initial connection.
If any discrepancy exists between the Service Contract and Consumer Code of Practice, the Service Contract shall take precedence. A copy of our standard Service Terms is available for download at our website http://www.coollink.ng.


2.2 Description of service
Radical Technology Network Ltd will adhere to the Quality of Service standard set by the NCC. This is however without prejudice to our commitment to delivering service of the highest quality to Customers.
Radical Technology Network Ltd strives to ensure that our customers receive the best value for money for the services used on our network. The following services are currently provided and charged for on our network:

  • VSAT Broadband: VSAT Broadband is a high speed connection to the internet provided though communications satellites. It relies on three primary components: a satellite in orbit, ground station(s) known as gateway(s) and a dish antenna with a transceiver, located at a customer’s premises. This service is available to both residential and business customers. More information and how to buy our VSAT Broadband can be obtained on our website at www.coollink.ng or call 0908 799 58 26 and 0908 799 58 21.
  • Fibre Broadband: Fibre Broadband is a high speed connection to the Internet that uses fibre optic cables rather than radio signals. More information and how to buy our Fibre Broadband can be obtained on our website at www.coollink.ng or call 0908 799 58 26 and 0908 799 58 21.

2.3 Pricing Information
Customers are charged per Megabyte as per the plan the customer has chosen. Discounts may also be obtainable. All applicable tariffs are charged in Nigerian Naira. Each subscription is charged on 30 days (Monthly) basis. The schedule of Radical Technology Network Ltd.’s applicable tariffs structure and rates are obtainable at Radical Technology Network Ltd offices and on our website at www.coollink.ng.


2.4 Contract terms and Termination
Radical Technology Network Ltd will ensure that prospective customers receive full information on the TOS applicable to the service before service is provided. The contract itself shall contain the following information regarding the terms:

a. commencement date of the contract;
b. minimum  contract  period, manner  and consequences of termination;
c. possibility of early termination, charges and conditions;
d.conditions and terms of renewal of the contract, if applicable;
e. conditions and terms of disconnection and reconnection and fees that may be charged for disconnection or reconnection;
f. terms  and  conditions  that  may  apply  to  refund  of  any  deposit  including timing and any deductions or charges applicable;
g. terms and conditions relating to situations that may give rise to the interruption, withdrawal or discontinuation of the service;


2.5 Product Warranties and Maintenance        

We guarantee that any equipment that we sell to Customers will work to the relevant specification for the minimum period of 180 days and will be free from faulty design, manufacture or materials. If at any time during the minimum period, Customer finds that the equipment is not working properly, Customer may return it to us and we will replace (at our option) or repair it. 
The warranty will not apply if the device:
a. is used in the manner other than normal use;
b. is subjected to unfair wear and tear;
c. is accidentally or wilfully damaged;
d. is damaged due to failure to follow instructions;
e. has any traces of contact with any form of liquid or corrosive material;
f. is damaged due to electrical fluctuations;
g. is damaged from lightening/thunder strike;
h. is attempted to be repaired or a replacement part fitted by anyone other than an authorized Radical Technology Network Ltd representative;
g. is attached, used or operated with any auxiliary item other than items purchased from or certified compatible by original equipment manufacturer for use with such device;
h. markings or labelling have been altered, obscured, removed or otherwise interfered with.

In the above situations herein, referred to as customer end faults, the customer will take full responsibility for the replacement of such device. In case of any damage to any device, not covered under warranty, the customer will be charged for the cost with an option to purchase new device.  Radical Technology Network Ltd will provide specific information regarding any maintenance services offered to all our respective customers.    


2.6 Provisioning of Service
To order any of our services, Customers can visit any of our branch locations in any city where we have service. Customers can also make enquiries via our website www.coollink.ng. Customer will have to pay for the customer premises equipment (for VSAT Broadband service only) and at least one month’s subscription for any selected plan based on our product price list. Service will be activated within 48 hours after payment confirmation depending on the solution offered.  


Customer agrees to follow any reasonable instructions that we may give Customer relating to use of the service, and to allow us access to Customer premises if required. Customer also agrees to get any permission needed from someone else if we have to use their land or put our equipment on their premises.

In the event that Radical Technology Network Ltd encounters technical problems that interfere with provisioning of our services, the time for provisioning will be subject to any time or process of rectification permitted by the NCC.

Customer may choose to cancel Customer order at any time up to ten working days, beginning with the day after we deliver the equipment or when Customer has collected the equipment. If Customer chooses to do so, Customer agrees to return the equipment, following our instructions and at Customer cost. We will refund any payment Customer has made for the equipment. If we have to collect the equipment, we may charge Customer our reasonable costs for doing so.

If Customer is using any services, applications or features which are free of charge, these will end on the day Customer’s agreement with us ends.

We may also take action to manage the network's performance during periods where there is a high demand.


2.7 Fault repair and service interruption
From time to time, Customers may encounter problems with the service. This may be as a result of problems with our equipment, network or with equipment on your premises. Radical Technology Network Ltd shall inform Customers via email, phone call or via any suitable medium of planned network maintenance either for preventive or corrective situations.

If Customers experience a problem with the service, they can contact our Customer Care Department. They will establish with the Customer(s) the cause of the problem and assist towards repairing it.

Upon receiving a report, Radical Technology Network Ltd shall confirm both customer and technical information necessary for a timely and efficient response. The customer shall receive communication from Radical Technology Network Ltd when additional information is required during the troubleshooting process; or is responded to and/or resolved. 


Support services consist of technical support and assistance by-email and telephone to the customer using the service. Support services include receiving, classifying and logging support requests and the assignment thereof to Radical Technology Network Ltd technical specialists who are responsible for troubleshooting the problem until resolved.


Customer agrees to look after customer premises equipment. If Customer does not do so and the equipment is damaged, Customer may have to pay for it to be repaired or replaced.

If Customer returns any equipment as faulty, we may test the equipment if it is working, we will send it back to the Customer. If we do so, we may charge Customer costs for our testing and postage. This does not affect Customer’s legal rights relating to equipment which is faulty or wrongly described.




3.1 Advertising

All Radical Technology Network Ltd marketing materials are prepared in line with guidelines published by the NCC and the provisions of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice, established by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). Accordingly, our adverts shall be approved by these bodies before being made available on any public domain. Radical Technology Network Ltd will at all times ensure that any information on our products, services and promotions reflected in advertising materials is clear and accurate. This will include accurate information on availability, total charges, duration, etc.

Radical Technology Network Ltd will use a variety of communication media to reach the target audience with essential information. These will include but not be limited to the following: Print Flyers, Public relations, Direct Marketing, Signage, Agent Collateral, Social Media, Website.


3.2 Availability of service

Radical Technology Network Ltd shall make clear in advertising materials promoting the availability of a service in a specific or particular geographical location(s), and the limitations on the availability of that service to Customers. Radical Technology Network Ltd shall highlight and make clear in any advertising materials promoting a service which restricts such service to – the limited availability of equipment, facilities or other material, a particular period of time, a particular group, a partial zone, region or other geographical area within the country.


3.3 Advertising of Packaged Services
Where Radical Technology Network Ltd represents in advertising materials that a service is provided as part of a package, Radical Technology Network Ltd shall ensure it is able to supply all components of the service package. In the event it is or may be unable to supply any component of the package, appropriate information about this limitation shall be included in the advertising materials.

Where advertising materials indicate the price of a component of a service package, Radical Technology Network Ltd shall include in the advertising materials a statement of the minimum total charge for the package, and indicate any conditions that may apply to obtain the component at the stated price.




4.1 General Principles

Radical Technology Network Ltd notifies its respective customers about their billing by sending them the service invoice two weeks to the start of the next billing cycle.  Bills can be settled by cash or direct payment through any of our nominated banks or by cheque provided the cheque shall mature at least 72 hours before the invoice due date.    


4.2 Customer Billing Information

Radical Technology Network Ltd offers prepaid services. We shall ensure that, at a minimum, the following information is included in any bill issued or accessed by it or on its behalf:
Customer's billing name and address; Radical Technology Network Ltd business name, address and registered number; A way of identifying the bill uniquely; billing period with a description of the charges (and credits) for which the Customer is billed; total amount billed, applicable credits, payments or discounts, and the net amount payable by the Customer; date on which the bill is issued and the bill (or refund) payment due date; Methods of bill (or refund) payment; and methods of contact for complaints and billing inquiries;
All billing enquiries and complaints shall be directed to our customer care lines 0908 799 58 26 and 0908 799 58 21 or email: billing@coollink.ng.


4.3 Itemization of Charges
Radical Technology Network Ltd shall ensure that Customers have access to itemized details of all charges, either on the bill or on a separate statement provided by Radical Technology Network Ltd upon request. Unless otherwise requested by or agreed with the Customer, Radical Technology Network Ltd shall provide itemized details during the current billing period. Where applicable, Radical Technology Network Ltd shall inform Customers of the notice period required to obtain itemized billing. In addition, Radical Technology Network Ltd shall ensure that itemized details contained in previous bills are available for 12 months, or any longer period required by law.


4.4 Timing for issuance of bill
Radical Technology Network Ltd processes and issue bills within 30 days of the closure of each billing period. The bill shall include all charges incurred during the billing period except where:
a. there is a delay as a result of a change initiated by the Consumer, such as where the Consumer has requested a different billing frequency or billing period; or
b. there is a delay as a result of the suspension of charges that are in dispute.


4.5 Receipts and Consumer Payment Advice

Radical Technology Network Ltd always ensures that Customers receive their receipt upon payment. Radical Technology Network Ltd also verifies customers’ bill payment by acknowledgment of payment on the next bill issued. Customers can also call our billing department to confirm their payment.


4.6 Billing Frequency

Radical Technology Network Ltd shall provide Customers with advance written notification of any proposed changes in billing periods, such advance notification to be at least equal to two (2) of its otherwise applicable billing periods (i.e., at least 2 months in advance where the billing period being changed is monthly).


4.7 Non-Payment of Bills

Where  a  Customer  has  not  paid  all  or  part of  a  bill  for  services provided by Radical Technology Network Ltd, any measures taken by Radical Technology Network Ltd to effect payment or disconnection shall:
a. be proportionate and not unduly discriminatory;
b. be accompanied by appropriate warning to the Customer in advance of any resulting service interruption or disconnection; and
c. confine any service interruption or disconnection to the service(s) concerned, as far as technically feasible. 




5.1 Acceptance of terms

Customers shall be bound by Radical Technology Network Ltd terms of service and would be deemed of clearly accepting the service terms by any form of communications. Customers shall also be deemed to accept Radical Technology Network Ltd service terms and conditions at the commencement of any use of the service that follows adequate communication by Radical Technology Network Ltd of its service terms.


5.2 Access for Maintenance

Customers shall grant Radical Technology Network Ltd or its authorized representatives without charges, access to premises, equipment or facilities as reasonably required for any provisioning or maintenance of the services, equipment or facilities.


5.3 Tampering with equipment

Customers shall not use any equipment or related facilities provided by Radical Technology Network Ltd for reasons other than those related to normal service, and shall not do anything that interferes with the functioning of such equipment or facilities, without prior written authorization from Radical Technology Network Ltd. Customers shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to equipment or facilities that result from actions contrary to the terms and conditions of service or this Code.

Modification or attachment of any unauthorized device to Radical Technology Network Ltd.’s equipment or facilities is prohibited without prior written authorization from the Radical Technology Network Ltd.


5.4 Re-selling services without Authorization

Customers shall not resell any service provided by Radical Technology Network Ltd except as permitted by the service agreement of Radical Technology Network Ltd (and subject to any applicable licensing or authorization by the NCC pursuant to the Act).


5.5 Misuse of a public telecommunications services

No equipment or device that interferes in any way with the normal operation of a telecommunications service, including any equipment or device that intercepts or assists in intercepting or receiving any service offered by Radical Technology Network Ltd that requires special authorization may be installed by or on behalf of any Customer.

Customers shall not misuse Radical Technology Network Ltd services, including by:
a. dishonestly obtaining our communications service; or
b. possessing or supplying equipment that may be used to obtain our services dishonestly or fraudulently;
c. using our communications services to send messages that are obscene, threatening or otherwise contrary to applicable laws or regulation.




6.1 Purpose of this session

To reaffirm our obligation to ensure the protection of consumer information and describe the steps involved in providing confidential data on subscribers to assist Nigerian Law Enforcement agencies and judicial institutions in combating fraud/crime in line with regulatory requirements.


6.2 General Principle

Radical Technology Network Ltd recognizes that it has a duty to protect the confidentiality of customer information of, and relating to, other telecommunication carriers, equipment manufacturers, and its Customers. Its employees and contractors duly mandated to access any customer information shall treat with utmost confidentiality any information they receive in the course of their duties, unless otherwise permitted in accordance with this Code.

Radical Technology Network Ltd will receive or obtain lawfully accurate and relevant customer information from other carriers for purposes of providing communications service and commits to utilizing such information only for the requested purposes, and specifically commits that it shall not use such information for its own marketing efforts and takes the appropriate measures to protect it.


6.3 Implementation of a Protection of Consumer Information Policy

Radical Technology Network Ltd by virtue of its provision of telecommunications service is a holder or recipient of customer information. End-user customer data confidentiality is a priority to Radical Technology Network Ltd and to its Customers. Radical Technology Network Ltd will not share information about Customers with any Radical Technology Network Ltd unrelated or unaffiliated party prior to the customer’s written approval being granted, or as permitted by any permission or approval of the NCC, or as otherwise permitted or required by other applicable laws or regulations.

Radical Technology Network Ltd commits to only use, disclose, or permit access to individual customer information in its provision of:
a. the telecommunications service from which such information is derived or;
b. services necessary to, or used in, the provision of such telecommunications service;
c. information requested in compliance of a direction from the NCC in terms of section 147 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003;
d. information requested in compliance of a valid court order or other lawful order issued by a competent court;
e. information requested with the express written permission of the carrier.




7.1 Information to Consumers

All Customers and the general public shall be provided access to contact our Customer Care desk for all enquiries and complaints via any of the following means:
a. Customer Care lines available 24/7 on the following numbers: 0908 799 58 26 and 0908 799 58 21

b. electronic mail via: customercare@coollink.ng

c. physical mail to Service Delivery Manager, Radical Technology Network Ltd, 267A, Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

d. Radical Technology Network Ltd HQ office: 267A, Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos. The address is subject to change and will be updated periodically.

e. Website at www.coollink.ng


All Customer complaint(s) would be treated with the highest degree of professionalism by the Customer facing staff and with deference to the Customer’s right to complain. Radical Technology Network Ltd shall maintain an average of 80% “First Call Resolution” on all queries reaching its Customer Contact points.  All queries that are not resolved on First Contact shall be escalated and resolved within the Service Level Agreements.


7.2 Special Needs

Radical Technology Network Ltd shall use its best endeavours to make adequate provision to ensure that people with physical disabilities or other special needs are able to access our complaint handling processes, including ensuring that Consumer can be easily represented by their authorized representatives in order to make a complaint.


7.3 Complaints processes

  • In order to be investigated using Radical Technology Network Ltd complaints procedure, a complaint must be about services offered by Radical Technology Network Ltd.
  • The person eligible to make a complaint is the person to whom services were rendered.
  • All complaints received will be administered in accordance with the following approach: A complaint reference number (Ticket number) will be provided to customer for further enquiry on the status of his complaint, Name of complainant, Description of complaint with supportive documents, Date complaint is received, provide to the Customer the expected actions and timing for investigating and resolving the complaint, date complaint is resolved (to ensure that no Customer’s complaint remains unresolved for more than 3 months, taking into account the circumstances of each complaint).
  • A problem is considered resolved when:
    a. the service conforms substantially to its specifications; or
    b. the customer has been advised on how to correct or bypass the error: or
    c. it has been discovered that the problem is a hardware failure or
    d. Radical Technology Network Ltd supplied equipment, the RMA process has been started to replace the unit or the spare part in question: or
    e. it has been discovered that the problem falls within the category not covered by the service fee, and the customer has been notified thereof.
  • Radical Technology Network Ltd does not guarantee problems will be fixed in any specific time frame due to the fact that Radical Technology Network Ltd does not manufacture equipment. It is the goal of our organization to deliver commercially reasonable efforts to satisfactorily resolve each Incident using the guidelines of the in call classification.
  • The following classification will be used to identify the call based on its severity:
    a.    Critical Technical Issues consist of a total loss of core functionality in the services that severely affect the customer’s enjoyment of the service. Radical Technology Network Ltd is willing to provide full-time resources to resolve the issue during the service hours specified in the agreed support service level.
    b.    Non Critical Technical Issues include severe performance problems in the services that have a noticeable impact on customer enjoyment of service. Radical Technology Network Ltd is willing to provide resources during standard business hours to resolve the issue according to the agreed support service level.
    c.    Other Issues consist of technical issues that have minor or no impact on customer’s enjoyment of the service, requests pertaining to preventive maintenance. Requests for technical assistance during usage of the service always fall into this category. Radical Technology Network Ltd is willing to provide resources during standard business hours to provide assistance and information to solve the issue.

7.4 Charges

Radical Technology Network Ltd complaint handling processes shall be provided free of charge. However, Radical Technology Network Ltd may impose a reasonable charge for complaint handling processes where investigation of the complaint requires the retrieval of records more than twelve (12) months old, and where that retrieval results in any incremental expense or significant inconvenience to Radical Technology Network Ltd. Any such charges shall be identified and agreed to, by the Customer before being incurred.

7.5 Further Recourse

Radical Technology Network Ltd advises Customers that, in the event they remain dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint they may refer the complaint to identified persons or departments, within the NCC.


7.6 Action on Dispute Charges

  • Radical Technology Network Ltd shall avoid imposing any disconnection or credit management action regarding any service to which a complaint or billing dispute relates while the complaint or dispute is being investigated. Radical Technology Network Ltd shall inform the Customer that while the complaint or dispute is being investigated, the Customer is obliged to make payment of any outstanding amounts other than the amount that is specifically in dispute.
  • Where Radical Technology Network Ltd intends to take disconnection or credit management action against a Customer regarding any amount that has been the subject of a complaint or dispute, the Customer will be specifically notified before implementing the intended action.


7.7 Data Collection and Analysis of Complaint and Outcome

  • All complaints received will be administered in accordance with the following approach:
    a. a complaint reference number will be provided to customer for further enquiry on the status of his complaint;
    b. name of complainant
    c. description of complaint with supportive documents
    d. date complaint is received
    e. to provide to the Customer the expected actions and timing for investigating and resolving the complaint;
    f. date complaint is resolved (to ensure that no Customer’s complaint remains unresolved for more than 3 months, taking into account the circumstances of each complaint
    g. notification to the Customer of the steps taken by Radical Technology Network Ltd regarding the complaint and resolution;
  • Upon receipt of complaints, Radical Technology Network Ltd will attempt to resolve complaints within 24hours where possible or within a timeframe not exceeding 5 working days, where possible. ● Radical Technology Network Ltd has an appropriate recording system for all complaints and the solutions. A tracking data is also maintained in a categorised manner and is usually scrutinized on a monthly basis so as to identify reoccurring issues. ● Radical Technology Network Ltd shall also inform the customer that a record of their complaints is being kept; and if ever requested by the customer, they shall describe the complaints and the tracking system used by Radical Technology Network Ltd in recording them.
  • Radical Technology Network Ltd shall also report on the outcome of these reviews as requested by the commission and shall on the request of the commission, make changes to complaints handling and tracking processes identified 

7.8 Changes to Complaint Handling Process


Radical Technology Network Ltd shall update any information regarding complaint handling and tracking processes as appropriate, including information provided to Consumers or the Commission.


7.9 Retention of Records

Information collected and recorded as part of Radical Technology Network Ltd complaint handling processes shall be retained for at least 12 months following resolution of the complaint. Complaints may be tracked via the reference number.



The Nigerian Communications Commission offers a simple, quick, informal and inexpensive arbitration scheme under the Nigerian Communications Commission “Dispute Resolution Guidelines 2004”.   All Customers who have exhausted the Radical Technology Network Ltd dispute resolution mechanism and are still dissatisfied with the outcome may apply to the NCC for an arbitration of the matter in dispute and shall comply strictly with the provisions of the aforementioned Guidelines. An aggrieved Customer will however be required to indicate his preferred avenue for the resolution of the dispute (i.e. either the regular courts or arbitration) as these options are mutually exclusive



9.1 Purpose of this Section

To describe the company’s obligations regarding compliance with this Code of Practice and the Customer’s rights in that respect.


9.2 Radical Technology Network Ltd.’s Responsibilities

There shall be adherence to the provisions of this code and all other statutory and regulatory instruments governing the provision of service to Customers. Employees and other third parties engaged to provide service to Customers shall observe a similar level of compliance.


9.3 Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

As a customer-centric organization, Radical Technology Network Ltd shall maintain internal mechanisms to monitor compliance with its obligations under this Code.  It shall be ensured that Customers are able to take advantage of these internal monitoring mechanisms to facilitate compliance with its obligations set out in this Code.


9.4 Customer Complaints regarding Compliance

Customers who are dissatisfied with the resolution of their complaints or who otherwise have reasons to believe that any provisions of this Code has been breached shall obtain immediate redress by escalating such complaints as detailed in clause 7.3 above. Radical Technology Network Ltd shall ensure that all customer complaints escalated in accordance with 6.7 above is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, a customer dissatisfied with the steps taken shall be at liberty to escalate the complaint to the Consumer Contact Centre or other mechanism maintained by the NCC for the resolution of complaints.


9.5 Industry Complaints

Radical Technology Network Ltd operates under strict ethical guidelines which require that it competes fairly and ethically. Competitors and trade partners who have any reason to believe that they have been unfairly treated are entitled to have their complaints resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. Complaints by trade partners shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the trade or other agreements with the concerned trade partner. Complaints by competitors shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the relevant statutory and regulatory instruments (including, but not limited to, the Competition Practices Regulations for the time being in force).


9.6 NCC Investigations

Radical Technology Network Ltd will provide information to the NCC as provided for in this General Code or as otherwise requested by the NCC.


9.7 Appeals Process

The escalation process detailed in clause 7.3 above shall constitute the appeals process for the resolution of disputes. This shall however be without prejudice to the rights of customers dissatisfied with the outcome of the resolution process to appeal to the Customer Contact Centre or other mechanism provided by the NCC for redress under such terms, and within such timeframes as the Commission may prescribe.


9.8 Confidentiality

Radical Technology Network Ltd shall maintain the highest level of confidentiality in the provision of services to its esteemed Customers and in the resolution of disputes arising from the provision of such services. For the avoidance of doubt, there shall be in adherence to the confidentiality obligations as set out in clause 6 of this Code in the resolution of disputes.