Connectivity: Fibre, Radio, Satellite

Fibre for Businesses

Business Fibre Internet is a premium, high performance business broadband service that provides the speed and bandwidth that is crucial for modern, data hungry businesses.

  • Higher throughput
  • Guaranteed speeds and uptime
  • Premium SLA
  • Low latency 

Satellite communication systems are key technologies that will help you have a global, resilient and reliable connectivity solution. You can connect anyone, anywhere on the planet and have access to communication and data transfer. Satellite is also the best solution for backup and redundancy for all your mission critical applications or processes.


Getting a good connection from wired infrastructure can often be problematic. This is where point-to-point wireless connectivity will really benefit. High quality wireless devices will connect your company and also allow you establish a strong network between yours buildings or campus sites. Wireless connectivity is also a major solution to backup your fibre network.