Rural Connectivity Made Possible with Asta, Satellite Broadband Everywhere

Rural Connectivity Made Possible with Asta, Satellite Broadband Everywhere


For over 15 years, Coollink has worked to connect the people of Nigeria with the rest of the world through terrestrial (fibre and wireless) and satellite networks. Before entering the country, Nigeria was under served by ISPs for years and left in the dark while the rest of Africa and the world continued to increase broadband penetration. Nigeria is a resilient country and wants to grow significantly to compete with other nations. For the economy to grow, Nigerian entrepreneurs and business must first have access to 21st Century internet services. 


Our new satellite solution, Asta, bridges the gap between rural communities and the rest of the nation and provides tools valuable to modern everyday life, businesses, and social workers in the country. 


What is Asta?


Asta is a high-speed satellite internet solution that brings internet connectivity to the most rural communities in Nigeria, allowing them to grow and gain access to the same information, education tools, and online entertainment that the rest of the world has enjoyed for over 20 years. 


A study by the World Bank showed that an increase of 10% in broadband penetration would increase GDP growth by 1.38% in developing ones. With increased broadband access comes a better quality of life and a more educated and connected population. Our goal with Asta is to ensure that Internet connectivity is no longer a worry for Nigerians.


How Does It Work?


The Asta satellite internet service sends and receives information through a satellite orbiting the Earth and is not impacted by faults that affect terrestrial networks, thus giving users a consistent connection to the world without worry. We provide users with up to 20Mbps of download speed which is more than enough for even the most intensive business and enterprise applications. Such speeds at affordable rates were unheard of prior to Asta in rural and remote communities. 


Installing the equipment and connecting to Asta is simple and is relatively affordable for all users. Users purchase the modem and the outdoor kit from Coollink and select the Internet plan that best suits their needs. The installation and setup is seamless as we are using our skilled network of installers for that, with to ability the have an Asta link up and running anywhere in Nigerian with 48h to 72h.  



Who Benefits From Asta?


With a reliable service delivering such high speeds, Asta is for everyone, and the possibilities are endless. Asta can be bundled with solutions that can impact everyday life, businesses, schools and social workers in a positive way, anywhere in Nigeria.




Families in Nigeria can now connect to their loved ones abroad and take advantage of the information available online right from the comfort of their own home.




We offer unique Enterprise packages for businesses in Nigeria and give them the reliable connection they need to increase productivity and have an online presence for easy access.




With high-speed Internet, teachers will now have access to the latest educational materials available online for a more enriching experience for students along with other benefits to allow teachers to work more efficiently. 


Social Work


Because Asta can go anywhere, social workers can stay connected wherever they go. From projects out in the most remote villages to basecamp set up in a rural town, social workers will have access to the tools and information they need.

So no matter where you are and who you are, you can rely on Asta for all online applications, such as vide conferencing, file transfer, video on demand streaming (VOD) and also in building your own WiFi network even in the most remote location.  



If you want to know more about Asta, please contact us today by visiting us at www.asta.ng, emailing us at info@asta.ng or calling us at +234 1 271.02.52 or +234 818.822.2218