Coollink Yahclick Prices

Above prices do not include VAT, delivery, installation, monthly support and maintenance fees.


Home Plans Equipments (CPE): Starting From NGN281'000.

  • Antenna: 98cm or 120cm
  • Radio: 1 watt BUC or 2watt BUC
  • Modem: HNS9600 or HNS9800


  1. Download and Upload speeds are “up to” speeds. Actual speeds will depend on time of day, events happening in the same location and usage patterns in each market.
  2. Users are able to download 100% of their monthly data allowance at any time without restrictions.
    Once the data allowance is exhausted, Users will need to by buy a Token for extra data.
  3. Unlimited Free Zone applies from 1am to 6am. Data downloaded during Free Zone is not counted as part of the download allowance.
  4. All prices are in Nigerian Naira NGN.
  5. Token allowances are valid until your monthly subscription anniversary date. 

(E. & O. E.)

Tel: 01 271 02 52 to 6

Tel: 0818 822 22 28-9