Web Hosting

We offer our clients Cloud Hosting services, enabling them to spread their traffic across an entire cluster of servers located in data centres around the globe (USA, UK and Australia). Our hosting services provide a great hosting platform for:

  1. Sites and blogs running Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, etc...
  2. Sites running OSCommerce, ZenCart, ASP.NET Store Front...
  3. Brochure and static HTML sites.
  4. Marketing and promotional campaign sites.
  5. Websites that use Windows, Linux or both.
  6. Webmasters needing around-the-clock support.
One of the greatest features of our platform is that it scales automatically. A traffic spike to your site just means more servers are working to handle all the requests. Running short on disk space? Our solution will automatically scale up to accommodate the additional storage.