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Asta Data Plans

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For terms and conditions follow the *

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Download and Upload speeds are “up to” speeds.

Data usage is counted on downloads and uploads.
Night Free Browsing from midnight to 06:00. Data used during that period is not deducted from your allowance.
Unused Data will Rollover if you resubscribe to any Asta plan before the expiration date. 

Once the data allowance is exhausted or has expired, simply buy a new Asta plan of your choice. There is no auto renewal.
We have promotion on the CPE at N50'000 if you subscribe for a 12 months contract. Otherwise CPE is at N137,500.

All prices do not include VAT, equipment, delivery, installation.

all prices exclude VAT

our CPE or Equipment

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Equipment (CPE): Starting From N137,500 -> on Promotion now at N50,000 when subscribing for a 12 months contract

Antenna: 74cm or 98cm

Radio: 1 watt BUC or 2 watt BUC

 all prices exclude VAT

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